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Welcome to homesite of the "Bead Constructor" project

The goal of this project is to create a full-scale editor for beadworks. Our goal is to enable to:

  • Ctreate and edit beads layout
  • Paint those layouts using differnt tools
  • Create network of underllining wires
  • Work with different types of beads (like round one or bugle)
  • Saving/Loading all mentioned above for oneself or for exchanging via internet or other ways :)
  • Use of different tools for tasks above, such as:
    • Manager for library of user's colors/beads
    • Creation of layouts from templates
    • Tools for creating layouts - like creating on specified line, crating arrays, copy/paste, etc.
    • Tools for painting patterns - for example creation of pattern from image

Since there is no 'bead masters' among current developers, I would like to hear your comments and ideas very much. That's because I want that the final product will be as much useful and handly as possible. You ideas and comments are welcome and acepted via SF forums, e-mail or personally.

Project status: Design

The project is entirely non-commercial and the product will be distibuted free under GPL licence.

If you encountered any misspelings on this site, please email me to and I will fix it.